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In the packaging industry, the process from filling to product sealing is important. For this reason, this process is usually assisted by filling and seal machines. One type of filling and seal machine that is popular and widely used is the Horizontal Form Fill and Seal Machine (HFFS). To understand more about this Horizontal Form Fill and Seal Machine (HFFS) packaging machine, let's see the explanation below!

What is Horizontal Form Fill and Seal Machine (HFFS)?

Horizontal Form Fill and Seal Machine (HFFS) is an automatic packaging machine for high production. As the name implies, this machine packs horizontally using a single coil of a film with three welds: two cross welds and one longitudinal weld. The product moves horizontally along the machine, then it is wrapped with film and sealed at both ends by a horizontal flow wrapping machine.

What Types of Products Are Suitable For The Packaging Method Using The Horizontal Form Fill and Seal Machine (HFFS)?

This type of machine is intended for both the food and non-food markets. This HFFS is suitable for the primary packaging of individual products (both flat and irregular in shape.) It is ideal for food, medical, industrial, and other consumer goods products. Perfectly suited for high volume production, and minimal waste generation, this one-off packaging machine allows the packaging of large quantities of products in a very short time. Easy to change from one package size to another without changing devices. Any solid object that can be pushed along the horizontal belt of the machine is suitable using this method of packing using this Horizontal Form Fill and Seal Machine (HFFS). A chocolate bar, a packet of biscuits, a packet of tissue, a card. However, items in the form of small granules do not work for the packaging method using the Horizontal Form Fill and Seal Machine (HFFS) - Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine (VFFS) is best for this type of product.

Alpha wrapper 8 - Horizontal Form Fill Seal (HFFS) Packaging Machine Indonesia

One of the high-quality Horizontal Form Fill and Seal (HFFS) packaging machines you can choose from is Alpha wrapper 8. Quality and reliability are at the core of Alpha 8. The wrapping has been designed to include a stronger, simpler, and more accessible seal system, which is quieter, as well as more reliable with higher sealing pressure. Other notable developments with the Alpha wrapper 8 are a shorter film route to reduce film waste, a stainless steel film roll for improved cleanliness, and an improved operating panel for safety, security, and convenience. It's also easy to use for anyone. With Alpha wrapper 8, it realizes "convenience" by adopting an automatic calculation function and enhancing the operation panel. After the user enters basic information, such as product size and scale value, Alpha wrapper 8 automatically calculates rejections. There is no need for complicated adjustments or adjustments. That's an explanation of the Horizontal Form Fill and Seal Machine (HFFS) packaging machine. For those of you who are interested in getting Alpha wrapper 8, you can get it through PT. Indotech Asia.

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