Learn More About Labelling Machines

While they may be the last consideration in a filling line, labelling machines are also one of the most important. If one of your goals as a business is to attract your audience with high-quality labels featuring original logos, graphics, and text, labelling machines are essential to your production line. In many cases, products require unique packaging and label designs to stand out on the shelf and attract consumers. For that, let's look at the explanation below to get to know more about labelling machines!

Labelling Machines

This machine is also often just called a label machine. The benefit of this machine is to protect your product. When sold or sent to traders, a product needs to be packaged in such a way as to maintain its condition and quality. Not only that, packaged products need to provide clear information. This is where the labelling machine comes into play.

Why use a labeling machine?

If it only relies on human labor or is done manually, entrepreneurs can be overwhelmed. In a digital age that demands anything fast-paced, machines have a dominant role in almost all daily activities. Therefore, having a machine to support the production process is a wise step to adjust to market trends and demands. Labelling machines not only help producers but also consumers to find out whether a product can still be used or consumed. In addition to providing price tags, labelling machines also print brands by placing stickers on the packaging. Product packaging can be bottles or cardboard and other materials. Those of you who run a business need this machine to make your product packaging more professional and look more convincing. Apart from printing price tags and brands, labelling machines can also be used to assist in design. Evaluation for a product packaging can also be seen from its labelling.

That's the explanation of the labeling machine. For those of you who are interested in getting a labeling machine to support your business, then you might consider acquiring one through PT. Indotech Asia, a company with 10 years of experience in the field of packaging machines. We provide solutions and long-term investments for our customers to make a profit. We provide total support and ideal solutions for your packaging machine needs, including carton packaging, and box packing.

Labeling Machine Recommendation from PT. Indotech Asia

As an exclusive domestic packaging solution partner, PT. Indotech Asia makes a continuous effort to deliver unique, innovative packaging machine solutions to every business, providing only the highest quality product and after-sale service that you can trust. One of them is a labelling machine. PT. Indotech Asia provides an automatic filling machine, 75% parts of the machine are made of stainless steel, almost all of the electrical components are with suitable brands. With safe operation, high precision, good stability, it is widely used for filling vegetable oil, mineral oil, detergent, and other beverage, and medicine. This machine is suitable for different bottles shape and the different sizes of glass bottles, plastic bottles, metal bottles, and so on.

Standard Machine Specification :

• Power Max

2.5 Kw, AC 220v 50/60Hz

• Labelling Speed

0-120 bpm

• Label length & Height 1

0-150mm & 15-200mm

• Label Error

±1 mm

• Label Range

H: 15-180 mm L: 10-100 mm

• Product Range

Dia: 20-150 mm H: 10-350 mm

Machine Features

1. This labeler is automatic Single, double, top & bottom sides labelling machine. It is suitable for Square & round product.

2. There are 1 or 2 labelling heads depend on your needs

3. Equipped with PLC control system and Touch Screen Control.

4. With positioning structure for the round bottle.

5. Widely used in medicine, daily chemicals and cosmetic, food and beverages industries.