Frozen Food Packaging Indonesia

Frozen food has been increasingly loved by many people because it is simpler and more practical, it can be cooked at any time. Frozen food is also considered to be a mainstay for people who rarely cook and want to keep a large stock of food. Especially during a pandemic like now, many people have started eating out less. For those of you who want to open a business, frozen food can certainly be a promising business. It's just that sometimes we are still confused about how to package good frozen food. Therefore, as a company with 10 years of experience in the field of packaging machines, PT. Indotech Asia provides solutions and long-term investments for our customers to make a profit. We provide total support and ideal solutions for your packaging machine needs, including carton packaging, and box packing. In the following, we have summarized how PT. Indotech Asia provides a good and safe frozen food packaging solution for you.


A new concept for delivering food products that solve lubrication problems, improve hygiene levels, and ensure concrete excellence.


Systems are designed for two types of cooling: ambient and forced air in the room. It is precisely this flexibility that makes it suitable for all production lines and all types of packaged or bulk food products.


The knowledge we have acquired enables us to guarantee a truly Avant grade method for the care of packets or bulk food products, which are conveyed over the belt and frozen in cabinets having insulated walls of varying thickness.


Our technological flexibility is proven in this area: each handling system can be designed for any type of food product and can be expanded according to preference with endless combinations of curves, straight stretches, inclines, derivatives, and spirals with technical solutions that best suit the customer's manufacturing needs.

That's how PT. Indotech Asia provides a good and safe solution for frozen food packaging. Good packing can be one of the keys to frozen food, which can be durable and free of contamination.

PT. Indotech Asia

PT. Indotech Asia has been a reliable partner to multiple businesses throughout Indonesia and gains experience in the food and beverage, cosmetic, chemical, household and pharmaceutical industries. As an exclusive domestic packaging solution partner, we make a continuous effort to deliver unique, innovative packaging machine solutions to every business, providing only the highest quality product and after-sale service that you can trust.

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